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Page history last edited by nathandw 14 years, 9 months ago

Just a stub at the moment...


We need to choose and define terms (many which currently overlap), pare down this list:

  • Hook
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooking (refer to the hook as the handler)
    • Some refer to the "trigger" side as the hook (ie: "this site has hooks")
    • Common alternatives for receiving side:
      • Receiver
        • [Vote] Daniel
      • Callback
        • classic, functional inspired
      • Handler
        • [Vote] Nathan
        • generic, "handler script/URL"
        • combinable, "hook handler (?), event handler"
      • Listener
        • event-driven inspired "event listener"
      • Consumer
        • generic, some say "webhook consumer"
      • Observer
        • not terribly popular / academic (common implementation use callback or event terminology)
        • from Observer pattern
      • Postback
        • play on callback and POST, clever but not popular
        • could also be referring to the hooking action itself
      • Subscriber
        • Popular in PubSub/messaging paradigm
        • Seems to connote content/messages (over code and programming)
  • Trigger
    • Inspired by DB triggers
    • Focuses on the invokation/calling end
    • Common alternatives for sending side:
      • Hook
        • [Vote] Nathan - I visualize this as a bunch of little hooks sticking out of the cloud that I can grab onto. In branding the concept we are refering to the subscription location using the term WebHooks making it seem that Hook is associated with the publisher.
      • Publisher
        • Popular in PubSub/messaging paradigm
        • Seems to connote content/messages (over code and programming)
      • Producer
        • Opposite of consumer
        • Combinable with events: "event producer"
  • Event
    • The noun the "verbers" deal with
    • Common alternatives:
      • Message
        • [Vote] Nathan
      • Notification
      • Call (as in callback?)
      • Payload
  • Registration
    • Process of registering your callback/hook
    • Common alternatives:
      • Subscription
        • [Vote] Nathan
        • Has connotations of PubSub and content
  • Delivery
    • [Vote] Nathan
  • Discovery
    • [Vote] Nathan
    • Process that leads to registration
    • Process may involve getting meta-data about hooks/events
  • Fulfillment
    • Different from delivery? Is this an alternative?

[please add to this list...]


Comments (1)

nathandw said

at 7:50 am on Oct 8, 2009

Eg. You *discover* a Web*Hook* and *subscribe* by providing a Web*Handler* that points to a Web*Script* hosted on Scriptlets. *Messages* are then *Delivered* to your Web*Handler* from the Web*Hook*.

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